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Are you wondering where you should start or what class to take next? Sample class progressions are below but it is not required you follow these paths and not all classes are listed. We offer a variety of classes to keep training interesting and further reach individual training goals.

Puppy (under 5 months)

Option 1: Puppy- Foundation-Agile & Aware- Exploration/ Food Puzzles- Leash Skills

Option 2: Puppy- Foundation- Leash Skills- Foundation 2

Adult dogs ( or dogs over 5 months)

Option 1: Foundation- Leash Skills- In Focus- Foundation 2

Option 2: Foundation- Agile & Aware- Exploration/ Food Puzzles- Social Skills

Confidence Building

Exploration/ Food Puzzles

Agile & Aware

Shy Dogs

Exploration/Food Puzzles

Social Skills

In Focus

Reactive Dogs

Give Me Space

Give Me Space 2

In Focus

Sports classes- can be taken after the Foundation class provided your dog can stay with you off leash.



Agility Just for FUN

My dog Lola when she was a puppy practicing going out in public.

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