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Traci Betts
Traci Betts I love problem solving and teaching people positive training tools to interact with their dogs. Let me help you.
 I own and operate Shape A Pup, a positive dog-training business using force-free training techniques to create thinking companions. I want people to find the joy in working with their dogs and building lasting relationships.
 I cannot think of a time when I have not had a passion for animals. As a child, I always trained my own dogs using books and then by attending various local classes as I got older. I found that I was not comfortable with some of the harsh methods used in some classes, and even walked out on a few. Those experiences left me searching for a better approach to training and, happily, I found clicker training. When I saw my dog make fast progress using the clicker and saw her enthusiasm for learning, I was hooked. I wanted to learn as much as I could about applying clicker training effectively and was lucky to learn about Karen Pryor Academy at ClickerExpo. I am proud to be a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).

I maintain a full time job in the financial services industry and run Shape A Pup as a part time business because it is where my passion lies. The full time job pays the bills and allows me some financial freedom to stay on top of the latest training trends in positive reinforcement training. My time off from work I spend teaching, working with my own dogs or going to seminars on training and behavior. I like to think outside the box and find solutions that the animal understands but is also easy for the owner to implement. My goal for all classes is for you to enjoy sharing your dog with me; that you feel I bring value to your relationship.

I look forward to working with you and your canine companion.
CGC Evaluator
APDT Member
PPG Member
KPA Alumni Member
Certified Scent Instructor by Bob Deeds of Canine Connection

Continuing Education
Clicker Expo since 2009 thru 2014; 2018
Shedd Aquarium's Training Program
Dr. Christine Zink
Dr. Jean Dodds
Nicole Wilde
Suzanne Clothier
Michelle Pouliot
Emma Parsons
Denise Fenzi
Bob and Karen Deeds
Inga From
Suzy Olson
Bob Vest
Cappy Pruett
Bobby Faisel
See the class list or by appointment.
Contact Traci Betts for general questions about Shape A Pup, schedules or my classes:
Text or phone to 817-240-4855 (phone after 5:00 PM)
Please note that due to my full-time job, I can respond more quickly to EMail or text messages.

Bob and Karen are well known in the area as trainers and guest speakers.  They are the owners of Canine Connection and have been helping dogs and their owners for over 20 years.

Bob has trained, certified, and handled three dogs in disaster search and rescue, in FEMA’s Urban Search and Rescue program. His partner, Kinsey, was one of the recipients of the PDSA Dickin Medal…A British award, the highest award in the world that an animal can receive for gallantry. In 2007, Kinsey was inducted into the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association’s, “Hall of Fame”. Bob is currently an evaluator for FEMA’s federal K9 program where he tests dog and handler teams, nationwide, for certification.

Karen was the Tarrant County Veterinary Medical Association’s, 2009 “Community Service Award” winner, for her work in the field of canine aggression. In 2010, Karen received the Association of Pet Dog Trainers award, for “Community Educator of the Year” and in October 2013 Karen became a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.
In 2013 both Bob and Karen received the Dog Scouts of America, “Good Scout Award”, recognizing both of them for their service to Dog Scouts. 

Please contact Bob and Karen Deeds for details about their specific classes:

Phone: 817-874-3647

Victoria is a licensed Speech-Language Patholgist as well as a certified Tellington TTouch practitioner who works with companion animals and their people in private consultations, group classes and workshops in the Dallas - Fort Worth area.  Through the years she and her canine companions have participated in a variety of activities including obedience, herding and flyball (Purina Incredible Dog Challenge and ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games in 2001).  She has been an instructor at Pawsitive Agility Working School since 1999.   She is also a member of Dog Scouts of America troop 119 where she is on staff teaching agility at their annual mini-camp. Victoria was honored to be a judge for the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Extreme Mutt Makeover competition.  She is also actively involved in bringing Canine Work and Games (C-WAGS to Texas.  

Contact Victoria for information on Agility or T-Touch
Phone: 817-366-1072
(including T-Touch harnesses and leashes)

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