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Class Descriptions
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Unless noted, all classes consist of five 1-hour consecutive classes.  Check the Calendar or Class List for schedule dates.  Not all classes are offered every round.


AGILE & AWARE: Gym Class for Dogs – This is a fun class and excellent confidence builder as the dogs learn to get on objects such as an agility table, go around a cone, go over various types of jumps, through a tunnel, etc. You can take this class as often as you like without you or your dog becoming bored as there will always be something new and different. We can adjust the exercises as needed to accommodate puppies or senior dogs and because it builds self-confidence, it is really helpful for shy/fearful dogs.  PRE-REQUISITES: NONE

AGILITY 1a - This class will provide you and your dog with a basic understanding of the sport of agility.  You will learn the foundation skills and training concepts necessary for the safe execution of the agility obstacles and begin working with a variety of jumps, tunnel/chute, table/platform, and beginning contacts. PRE-REQUISITES: Foundations Skills 1 OR a basic obedience class. Dogs should have a reliable sit, down, and recall as well as the beginning a stay/wait.

AGILITY 1b - This class is a continuation of Agility 1a building on the foundation skills/concepts of reinforcement and the safe execution of the agility obstacles.  Exercises will help you refine your dogs' performance of the table/platform, tunnel and a variety of jumps, introduce contact obstacles, sequencing obstacles and beginning handling techniques. PRE-REQUISITES: Dogs should be 9 months of age and older and have completed a Beginners/Foundation agility course, Agility 1a, and be able to demonstrate a sit, down, stay/wait, recall, and are able to successfully execute a tunnel and several jumps.

AGILITY 2 - This class will focus on increasing the dog's proficiency and confidence with all obstacles as well as developing handling skills and strategies necessary to navigate beginner level agility sequences.
PRE-REQUISITES: Agility 1a and 1b or Foundation Agility class(es) or Instructor evaluation.  Dog should be able to demonstrate basic obedience skills, targeting, familiarization with all of the obstacles and beginning sequencing.


AGILITY 3 - This class is a continuation of the work in Agility 2 and is designed to strengthen dog and handler foundation skills.  Included in this class will be: exercises to teach/practice more advanced handling techniques, longer and/or more complicated sequences (consisting of jumps, tunnels, contact obstacles), weave pole work, decision making for course handling, and advancing the dog's obstacles performance. PRE-REQUISITES: Agility 1b and Agility 2 or completion of a comprehensive Beginner's agility program.  Dogs should be able to demonstrate basic obedience skills, targeting, familiarization with all obstacles, and beginning sequencing.  Handlers should be able to demonstrate knowledge and use of positive reinforcement, shaping, basic agility handling terminology and techniques. Upon completion of the first 5 weeks series of classes, you may re-enroll to continue your training for as long as you wish.

FLYBALL SKILLS - Have you heard of Flyball but thought it just seemed too loud and looked too chaotic for you?  If you’ve not seen it before, it can best be described as relay race for dogs. Although it may not be the sport for everyone, the skills that flyball requires are excellent for any dog to learn – not only will they cross over to other canine sports but also to good home manners.  These skills include a rock solid off-leash recall; stationary retrieve and return, distraction skills, just to name a few.  Your dog does NOT need to have ball drive.  We can develop this in a way that your dog will love.  If you would like to solidify your dog’s basic skills and have fun doing it, this is the class for you. 

PRE-REQUISITES: Foundation 1 (or similar basic class) and comfortable working off leash.  Dogs should also be able to be crated since they will work individually in this class.

FOLLOW MY LEAD: Leash Skills and More – Do you dread walking your dog because it becomes a contest of wills and he seems to win?  He pulls, wants to sniff EVERYTHING, and you seem to become non-existent?  If this describes your walks, our Follow My Lead class is for you.  In this class, you learn how to overcome these challenges so your dog WANTS to be with you.  You will also learn what to do when you’re in a hurry but don’t want your still-in-training dog to revert to pulling.


FOOD PUZZLES 1: Find the Food – Have you noticed how your dog (or any dog) loves to use his nose to investigate his surroundings and how excited he gets when his nose leads him to something he thinks is pretty exciting?  This is what we do in our Food Puzzles class; we hide yummy chicken for the dogs to find and each week we make it more challenging for the dogs to find.  There are no pre-requisites for this class; it is fun for ALL dogs and particularly helpful in building/increasing self-confidence for shy and fearful dogs.  It is also a great class for older dogs who may be slowing down but would still love to have an outing with you. PRE-REQUISITES: NONE

FOOD PUZZLES 2: Find the Food– This class builds on the progress made in Food Puzzles 1.  The search area will encompass the entire training room and the searches will be more challenging.

PRE-REQUISITES: Food Puzzles 1 

FOUNDATION 1 (Dogs 4 months and older) –This class teaches basic skills such as focus/attention, sit, down, and other skills your dog needs to be a well-mannered family member.  If your dog is 4 months of age or older and has no prior training, or hasn’t trained for a while, this is where you start. PRE-REQUISITES: NONE


FOUNDATION 2: BEYOND THE BASICS – So your dog has a pretty good grasp of basic skills, now what?  The next step is to strengthen these skills which is what we do in our Foundation Skills 2 class.  We will work on generalizing your dog’s cue response so he correctly responds whether you are sitting, standing, etc. and that he responds correctly the FIRST time.  We will work on adding recall distance and adding duration to “down” and “sit”. If you are interested in the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, this class will be good preparation.  PRE-REQUISITES: Foundation 1 OR similar basic training class

HOOPERS - Hoopers is one of NADAC's newer alternatives to standard agility and has been called the “ultimate no-impact obstacle course for dogs”.  It uses a sequence of ground level obstacles called “hoops” (think croquet for dogs). Instead of emphasizing the dog’s physical dexterity, Hoopers courses challenge the ability of the dog/handler team to negotiate the course along the most efficient path in the least amount of time.  In addition to strengthening handling skills and teamwork with dogs currently participating in agility, Hoopers provides a way for both young and senior dogs to participate in agility without the physical demand of jumping. This class does not have levels.  Sequences are designed to provide various levels of challenge depending on the “path" chosen.  Upon completion of your first 5 week series of classes, you may re-enroll for as long as you wish.  This class is also offered as a “drop-in” class so you only come on the weeks you are available.
PRE-REQUISITES: Foundation, OR Puppy, OR Puppy STAR, Puppy Agility, OR instructor evaluation.

INTRODUCTION TO T-TOUCH – Learn how to use this positive, no force method of bodywork and training to address stress, anxiety, lack of focus, discomfort associated with aging or injury, common behavioral issues such as grooming issues, leash pulling, etc. as well as strengthen your relationship with your dog.  In this class you will learn how to execute some of the most versatile hands on touches and movement exercises.  PRE-REQUISITES: Dogs must be a minimum of 6 months old.

THREE D (Distractions, Distractions, Distractions) – Life is full of distractions, at home and certainly when we’re out and about with our dogs.  This class will focus on ways to help your dog remain calm amid all levels of distractions. You will also learn what to do if he should become overly aroused.  

PRE-REQUISITES: Foundation 1


PUPPY - This class is for puppies 4 months and younger.  Each week we will provide opportunities for them to explore, socialize, and begin very basic training in a positive fun way.  It is so important that puppies get started on the right track.  Each week we will also discuss typical puppy behavior such as chewing, play biting, jumping, etc. and how to stop these behaviors before they become problematic.

PRE-REQUISITES: Puppies need to have been in your home a minimum of two weeks prior to the class start date and current on their age appropriate vaccinations as recommended by your veterinarian.

TREIBBALLDo you have a dog that is showing some herding characteristics but herding stock is not an option or maybe you have a dog that loves interacting with balls. Consider Treibball which is also called “ball herding” or “urban herding”.  And what’s really neat is that it is for dogs of any breed, any size, any age, not just herding breeds.  The dogs learn to push pilates type balls to a goal (think soccer).  Dogs love it and there are various levels as the dogs progress. It’s easy to practice at home as it doesn’t require expensive equipment.  If you’re wanting to try something new and fun, we encourage you to give Treibball a try.  PRE-REQUISITES: Foundation 1 (or similar basic class) and comfortable working off leash.  Dogs should also be able to be crated since they will work individually in this class.


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