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Although all foster dogs are welcome, this program is designed for those that have been in shelters or foster care for some time with no interested adopters or were adopted and returned.  In addition to training the skills that will most help the dogs’ adoptability, we will also work on helping them become more comfortable and less stressed when meeting new people and in new places.  We can also address individual issues any of the dogs may have.

Also, as part of this program, we will take videos of the dogs in training so that you can share on Facebook, your websites, and other networking resources. As the dogs become more comfortable at Shape A Pup, more of their charm and personality will come through which will help them show better. In addition, fosters/volunteers are encouraged to invite potential adopters to come meet the dogs in this controlled, less stressful setting. They can come as often as they wish throughout the five week series which will also provide an opportunity to educate them on the foster to permanent home transition. The shelters and rescue groups will handle the actual adoption approvals and paper work so each group will be able to follow their rules and requirements.

Program Participation Requirements:

All dogs participating in the program will need to have been in the foster’s/volunteer’s home a MINIMUM of two weeks and be current on their vet recommended vaccinations, including rabies if old enough, and puppies not yet old enough will need to be current on their age appropriate immunizations.  If a dog is adopted before the series is over, another foster that meets the program requirements may be substituted at no additional charge.

 Cost - $50 for working spots (limited to 6; 4 remaining);
Audit spots are unlimited; no charge

Location - Shape A Pup, 6816 Camp Bowie, Suite 100, Ft Worth

Date and Time - Wed, Sept 13th, 7:00 PM for 5 weeks

To register - Use the link at the top of this page

Payment - PayPal/credit card (on line only) or cash or check at the first session.

I know there are some great dogs out there that just need a little extra help to lead them to a loving forever family so we sincerely hope that this new program will help lead them there.  Please feel free to share this information with your fellow fosters and others you know who foster/volunteer for shelters and/or rescue organizations.




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